Manifesto: Eng


Heroes - Roma come New York
A club/a band/ a gig: music at the centre, Rome in the background.

Rome like New York, hundreds of bands bustling about, clamoring, trying to emerge from who knows what.

Let’s stop emerging, let’s start submerging Rome with our stuff, let’s start with this: two gigs a month at Le Mura.

Did you know that bands live lonely lives? So-and-so band shares a stage with some other band one night, they exchange a few remarks, quietly envy each other and that’s about it. So-and-so band longs to play in front of eight million people at the coolest venue in town, in the country, in the galaxy. They are friends with a couple bands, they got in arguments with a couple other bands, but they mostly mind their own business. And the more they do the worse it gets and they stop listening to what’s new around them, and as they whine about nobody giving them a chance, they in turn won’t give no chance to nobody.

There is no such thing as a “scene”, but there are people and sometimes there are heroes: let’s try something no-one ever did before. Let’s try to join forces. Let’s try to unite.

– What would it be like if there was a venue you could only play at if you accepted to promote not only your band’s gig, but next week band’s as well

– A place where the bands playing are mostly local, but everything is set up as every gig was next Arcade Fire’s super showcase.

– A club for bands to meet even when they’re not playing, because they’re an active part of the “heroes” identity, they have an influence upon it, they can help shape it.

– A live gig that will also attract that indefinite, non-committal audience that is not really that much into music, because our goal must be to at least try and share what we do with the rest of the world.

– An ambitious project, that is not aiming at instant success and is not planning to stop soon anyway, as it is designed to be long lasting.

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